Little Known BLACK HISTORY fact : MARY ELIZA MAHONEY was the first African-American nurse to be licensed in the United States.

It took MAHONEY 15 years of working at the New England Hospital for Women and Children as a cook, janitor and washwoman before she could work as a nurse’s assistant – unofficially.

At age 33, MAHONEY was finally admitted into the program by Dr. Marie Zakrzewska, one of the first female doctors in the country. MAHONEY worked 16-hour days in several wards. She – and only three of the other students in her entire class of 40 – graduated in 1879. SHE WAS THE ONLY BLACK.

In 1908, MAHONEY co-founded the National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses, which eventually merged with the American Nurses Association. In her lifespan, she served as director of the Howard Orphan Asylum for black children in Long Island, New York. As a fighter in women’s suffrage, she was among the first women to vote in 1920 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Hats off to MARY MAHONEY ,my NURSE Friends for all you do.Thanks and much LOVE to You ♥

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